Dr Organics Argan oil shampoo and conditioner

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged… I went away over Easter to Eigg (Easter Eigg hehe!) which is a tiny but beautiful island off the West Coast of Scotland… And had no internet pretty much! Here’s a picture from there…>

I went with my parents, the first holiday I’ve been on with them for about six years, and it was lovely and relaxing. I read SIX books, which I need to review here, too! Thankfully, we were also blessed with great weather, as the photo shows. I even got a tiny bit sunburnt, I wasn’t expecting to need cream!
Anyway, review today is the shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using. It’s from Holland and Barrett and completely natural.
The smell is beautiful and you’ve probably heard a lot about argan oil as a miracle product: believe the hype! My hair is so soft and shiny right now. It helps that I’ve had a lot chopped off so it’s in healthy condition but I think this shampoo and conditioner are really helping. It feels like a luxury to wash with and you don’t need too much conditioner to make the hair feel moisturised.
A lot of people don’t know that Holland and Barrett sell beauty products – I certainly didn’t, but there is a really wide range of things if you go to a bigger store, and I’m sure the other Dr Organics products they sell are also great… They have ranges in honey, royal jelly, aloe Vera… I can’t remember what else but there’s a lot! Not just hair products but body too.

Anyway, this is a bit rushed because I’m sleepy – no bank holiday Sunday raving for me :( but I thought I better write something so the blog is not left forgotten!



Schwarzkopf Salt Spray

I’ve been using this product for quite a while, and appreciated it at a number of hair lengths: I’ve used it on really long hair and got a really good curl, medium hair for a pretty wave and now it’s taken on whole new meaning after I’ve had a hair chop!
I spritz it onto damp hair and scrunch, and dry with a diffuser. I do have quite curly hair, and was worried about my hair just going haywire when not straightened with this new cut, but this product gives just the right amount of spring up and volume! It gives a really beachy, tousled look. Excellent for me, in the middle of England, nowhere near a beach in a rather cold April: This is as beachy as it’s going to get!

I’ve also found it excellent for refreshing second day hair… And from what I recall it’s not badly priced either! I’d recommend it for everyone with not-straight hair!


Are you sitting comfortably?

Today, I wore one of the more geeky items I own, and I figured I had to share it, as it definitely goes in two of my categories so it’s perfect blog material. Get ready Harry Potter fans…

Harry Potter alert


Oh, how I wish I had all 7. You can buy these bad boys on eBay. If anyone would like to buy me the others please contact me ;) I have Goblet of Fire because it’s my FAVE. You know you love them. Stop shaking your head at me. Seriously, stop it.

harry potter necklaces

Sweetie Crush Nails



So, me and nail varnish aren’t really friends at the moment with OFSTED looming. Any spare moment I have I feel like I should be marking books, not painting my nails. I have tried doing both but just end up with nail varnish on the books or red pen on my nails: either way, not ideal. However, I saw these Rimmel Sweetie Crush Nails in a magazine and thought I’d give it a try. It describes itself as ‘sugar textured nails’. I’m trying to cut down on spending so I bought it with Boots points. They are £3.99 usually and I chose the colour Fizzy Applelicious, because I’ve got a slight obsession with greeny shades at the moment.

I’ve just painted my nails now with it and so far so good. The sugary texture looks really good, and the colour is subtle enough to go with most things. It’s almost more a goldy neutral colour than a green, but it looks pretty and sparkly. I haven’t dared touch it yet but it’s so far passed the tap-test – I’ve tapped my nails together after a few minutes and the polish hasn’t dented.

I don’t think a top coat would really work with this polish because it would ruin the texture, so I’m unsure how long it will last without chipping. I’ve done two coats so fingers crossed (not literally, it might smudge the polish) it’ll last a while.

The other colours are pastel too, pink, blue, yellow…so I think this is a good one for spring, though the pink looked a little sickly sweet in my opinion. Based on sugar, I suppose that’s the point.

Now..back to marking I go. Wah.



Ode to 8 Hour Cream

O, Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream,
What would I do without thee?
My chapped lips may remain such
Without you, but with you,
They are softened.
My trainers have blistered my heels,
Although I do not run far,
And them you soothe.
My hands: no longer sore,
But smooth.

No, but in all seriousness, this stuff is great. It does EVERYTHING. I even use it on my face sometimes, the rare moments I get dry patches. Some people hate the smell but I like it because I associate it with good things happening! Apparently it even works on sunburn.

TOP TIP: don’t buy it in Boots, you can get it online or in TK Maxx for around half the price.>


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